mandag 17. juni 2013

Is Randy Orton ever going heel again?

Hello there again. This is my first article in along time, so I thought I would write about one of my favorite wrestlers.

Since the beginning of 2012, rumors has been flying around on the internet that Randy would go back to "the dark side". But fast foreword 18 months, and that has yet happened. Many hardcore Orton fans (including myself) has been praying for a heel turn for a long time, but now we have to wander, is Orton ever going rogue again? WWE knows that Orton is the second biggest draw behind Cena in the targeted audience between 5-20 years old fans. Is this the reason they will not let him do a heel turn? Lets go analyze the situation with some notes:

1) Randy has said many of times that he likes playing a heel better and wants to go heel again because he is sick of being a "face" but unfortunately WWE doesn't want to give him what he wants.

2) Lately there has been a lot of faces that has taken a heel turn, but none of them has been Randy Orton. There has been CM Punk (who now is making another turn), Ryback, Alberto Del Rio, and now most likely Daniel Bryan is going rogue to. But why not Orton?

3) But after last night many of us Orton fans got a tiny hope that his long waited heel turn might happen in the near future after all. Last night Cm Punk took a face-turn again after being attacked by Brock Lesnar. Considering the fact that Punk was considered to be WWE's top heel, this means that they would have to replace him with another top-draw. Who could possibly fill that gap again? This is where Orton comes in. Randy Orton was the top heel for WWE for along time. He plays that role so well. He has the moves, the eyes, the look and better mic skills when he is a heel, and personally I think there no better man to replace Cm Punk.

I am a big fan of a heel Orton, but I don't like the the face Orton because he is just stale and boring. I was even trying to get a hashtag "#WeWantHeelOrton" trending and tweeting it to WWE, Triple H, and MR. McMahon. If you want to help out with that just use the hashtag #WeWantHeelOrton. Give an explanation to what you like about Randy being a heel, or just send a simple tweet with the hashtag #WeWantHeelOrton

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